Bulk AmphiBlast™

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The Bulk AmphiBlast uses the efficiency and productivity gains of the acclaimed Schmidt® bulk blasters, combined with the innovation of the AmphiBlast technology to produce a superior dual-purpose system for high production environments.

At the heart of the abrasive control system is the robust Schmidt Thompson® Valve II, used globally for nearly two decades and capable of metering a wide range of coarse or fine abrasives in the AmphiBlast system. Dry blasting with the AmphiBlast features the same productivity gains and safety advantages found only in Schmidt systems. When wet blasting, operators can set and immediately see any change in water flow by using the gauge readout. This allows the operator to dial in and consistently repeat the water flow for minimal water consumption, maximum productivity, minimum abrasive use, or any other preference.


The unique softwash feature automatically lowers blast air pressure and increases water flow for an effective, gentle rinse at the flip of a switch. Flip the switch back, and the unit returns to the same blast pressure setting as before. Changing to blowoff mode is just as easy, and also provides a lower blast air pressure for easier, safer, and quieter operation.  



45 cu. ft. - Blast Pot
Water Tank not included – Uses standalone water tank
or water hose
(L=115" x W=62"x H=89" (146” with bag rack))
Weight: 2,920 lbs (empty)


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