Bulk Blasters

Schmidt® brand bulk blasting systems revolutionized the abrasive blasting industry when they were introduced in 1981, ushering in a new era of productivity for large jobs. Since then, they have only been improved upon. Schmidt bulk blasters are designed to maximize the cost savings of volume production. They feature multi-outlet Thompson® Valve II controls that allow each operator independent control of his abrasive media flow.

Safety enhancing features include the CEN™ (controlled expansion nozzle) blowdown, which safely controls the expansion and velocity of exhaust air. This system minimizes the opportunity for dust abrasion of exhaust system components, dramatically reduces noise levels during blowdown to safe levels and allows the operator to fully open the exhaust valve and safely depressurize a 160 cu. ft. unit in about 8 minutes. Other safety features include a 3" flanged cleanout for easy emptying without heavy tools, the Halok® closure safety system that prevents operators from improperly opening and closing the 10" closure, an Ergo-Ladder® system for safe and comfortable access to the 10" closure and Manway Stay Brackets to assist in easy/correct installation of the manway cover.

120 cu ft
160 cu ft
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