About Us

When Schmidt® Manufacturing began operations 50 years ago; the founders shared a vision to introduce more productive equipment to the abrasive blasting industry that would also contribute to a smarter, safer workplace environment.  With a team of dedicated, knowledgeable welders, engineers and staff, they produced a quality product that has come to be trusted worldwide.

Axxiom® Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to be carrying on that vision and tradition.  With hundreds of years of combined experience and resources, the people of Axxiom are able to design and manufacture vessels that continue to be unsurpassed in our industry.

Axxiom Manufacturing Mission Statement

"Our mission is to design and manufacture engineered equipment and specialized systems that incorporate state-of-the-art metering and control systems with the highest quality workmanship in our industry. Products we manufacture include Schmidt air blast equipment and component parts as well as vacuum systems, moisture separators, air dryers, after coolers and other storage and transfer systems. Customers who select our equipment will be served by a network of qualified distributors capable of providing training, service and replacement components for our equipment."

We take our responsibility to continue the Schmidt vision seriously and we pledge to continue to provide the very best abrasive blasting equipment and parts in the industry.

Capabilities include:

  • Service a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction, transportation, agriculture, oil and petrochemical and others
  • ASME code "U" and "UM" pressure vessel manufacturer with NBIC "R" stamp for certified repair work
  • Capabilities for international pressure vessel certification including C.E., AS1210, C.R.N., M.O.M., D.O.S.H.
  • Ability to accommodate customer orders for large or small quantities of standard or custom design vessels
  • Full engineering and design staff onsite
  • Supplier of safer, high quality valves and control systems
  • Systems for blasting, material recovery, conveying and storage
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