Celebrating Unmatched Quality and Timeless Workmanship at Axxiom Manufacturing

Posted September 14, 2023

In the spirit of our mission to deliver exceptional workmanship and the highest quality equipment, we take immense pride in sharing an extraordinary milestone at Axxiom Manufacturing. We have a 1974 Schmidt vessel in our shop that recently returned for a re-hydro test, showcasing the enduring legacy of our craftsmanship.


This remarkable vessel, built by Schmidt in their shop back in 1974, remains in service to this day, a testament to its unrivaled durability. With an impressive age of 49 years, it stands as the 20th vessel registered with the esteemed National Board that Schmidt has ever constructed.


Despite the passage of time, this vessel stands tall and exhibits remarkable condition, a true embodiment of the unwavering commitment to quality that defines Axxiom Manufacturing. It serves as a reminder that when you choose our equipment, you're not just investing in cutting-edge technology, but also in the unmatched expertise and dedication of our team.


Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement, as we continue to deliver excellence through our reliable products, extensive network of qualified distributors, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


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